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Atchafalaya Border Collies

This site is always being reconstructed, and some parts get out of date over the years. Most of it is updated to somewhere in 2008 to 2009 at the moment, depending on the page. kai n friend

We have a cattle property in North Queensland, Australia. The BC's help around the farm and chase a few cows now and then... But we also like to take the guys out for fun things like agility and obedience and tracking trials. It's a great place meet other people where the dogs are welcome.

This site is mostly about the BC's and agility, as these are the things we love. We breed the BC's here on the farm, and we only tend to breed when we are looking for a new pup for ourselves - but we do occasionally have extra pups for homes out there in the big world...

But we are fussy, of course. The BC's are special to us, so finding the right home is very important. Most go to homes where there is already another BC, or the owners have had a BC before... BC's can be very hyper to the new owner, and they really need a 'job' to do... Sure, they can live in town if they have things to do and they get plenty of exersize, but they like the space if they can get it. Before getting a Border Collie, make sure it really is the breed for you!

We also love to see the guys go to homes where they will be doing agility or obedience so we get to see them in trials around the district, or at least hear about their success. shitani jumpin

Our goal is to breed BC's who still have good herding instinct so they can work stock here on the farm, and also with the right structure and temperament for agility and the companion dogs they are at heart. Because it's Queensland, the guys are ANKC/CCCQ registered so they can compete in the ANKC/CCCQ events.

If you are looking for a BC, feel free to call or email, or check the links for other breeders - or contact the Border Collie Club of Queensland. And don't forget there are often older BC's looking for a new home - bypass the puppy stage!!! We occaionally have older BC's looking for homes, or we know of both dogs and pups that are ready for new homes.

Cheers, Tim & Therese Fairchild.