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This page is all for BC's titled in various ANKC events such as agility, obedience or tracking, which is a lot of fun for the BC and human alike. The dogs pictured here include our own guys here at home as well as Atchafalaya bred pups who have gone to live with other humans in North Queensland and around the country who have gained titles in performance events. Just click on the thumbnail to see the pix...

Chealsey T.Ch. Atchafalaya Shitani AD JDX SD ET GD CCD
Chealsey T.Ch. Atchafalaya Chealsey Lee ET
Garibaldi Jakarra Mr Garibaldi ADX JDM TD ET
abby Atchafalaya Abby Lass CDX AD TD
Ivanova Atchafalaya Miss Ivanova AD JD ET
Jaz Kalakoli Princess Jazmin AD JD
Misty Timbrel Winter Mist ET JD
Chealsey Borderwerx El Malvado TD
Dukhat Atchafalaya Sputnik TD ET
Sputnik Atchafalaya Dukhat TD
Ben Atchafalaya Benaiah Blu AD
Sissy Atchafalaya Sissy Blu ET