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Jakarra Mr Garibaldi ADX JDM TD ET

Garibaldi was always the wild man of the agility ring, although he prefered to be chasing cows out in the paddock, he always had a great time in the ring...

2000: It was a bit of an unlucky year in the open agility ring, but he was close. Baldi was too busy sniffing in the ring, but the nose is a benefit in tracking. He did find his ET title very tough as well. Pulling a push bike for 18km with the brakes on eventually wore him out, so he had to trot the last 2km.

2001: Garibaldi aced his jumping dog title in 2001, getting 4 quals in 4 trials, 2 of those 1st places. He was later clipped at the post for local club Top Novice Jumping Dog by his daughter Ivanova. Open jumping has been tougher, but has 2 quals there and 2 quals in his open agility.

2002: Mr Garibaldi quickly completed his ADX early in the year, with his JDX soon after.

2003: Mr Garibaldi got it together this year and overcame injury to achieve his Jumping Dog Master (JDM) title.

2005: Mr Garibaldi, mostly retired from agility, went back to his other favorite pastime of tracking and achieved his tracking dog (TD) title.

2006: Still retired, but he did get a Qual in Snooker Dog. He also had some very nice runs in ADM.

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Always happy, never real serious.


On the walk.


Taking the Jumps!


With a young Sarah.

Still competing at 11.