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Timbrel Winter Mist ET JD

Misty deciding which way to jump off the colour... Misty was one of those dogs who was brilliant at agility and could do everything perfectly and as fast as lightning... until she got in the ring and forgot everything and missed the lot. She was fast, sure, but always airborne - but had a lot of fun doing it, which is what agility is all about.

But while Misty never got far with her agility, she did take a liking to jumping dog and managed to get her JD title in 2001. No colours and weaves there, so that was right up her alley...

See Misty's Page for more.


Jumping was easy for her. Even tho Misty was just 430mm, even large jumps of 700mm were no real obstacle... Heck, jumping from the top of the scramble was fine too...


Weaving is great and fast, but Misty often decided in a trial that it's MUCH quicker to skip a few flags...