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Vonny was the first pup from Jazmin and Garibaldi, so she was always the baby of the house and got to sleep on the bed and got the run of the place. She was a fluffy little pup, but as an adult didn't have too much of a coat. That was a good thing when she had been out at work in the weeds, but she would get cold in the rain - only when she was not busy working of course.

Vonny was a natural with agility and jumping, but unfortunately her career was cut short when she was killed by a Tiapan snake in her home. Vonny was the mother of Kai and Xev, who were only babies at the time she was killed. She was just 6 years of age.

See some other photos of Vonny at work.

Baby Bonny

Vonny at just a few days old. The big white mark was deceptive and a lot vanished altogether.

Big Bonny

Vonny was quite big and lean. She was also quite tall, and with legs like those she could run like the wind.

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