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Shitani and Rogue's Litter - 2004

Atchafalaya The Rogue gave birth to seven lively pups on the 18th of August 2004. These were two male and one female black and white pups, one male and one female red and white pups, and one male and one female blue and white pups. The pups were sired by Atchafalaya Shitani.

day 1 group
Day One Group Photo!

day 1 group

Blue male pup - day one.

Pups at Three Weeks

Bliz - red girl

Blue Boy - blue boy

Marvin Shite - red boy

Posey - black girl

FineSilver - blue girl

Dash black boy

Flag - black boy

Pups at 3 weeks

Pups at 8 weeks