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T.Ch. Atchafalaya Shitani AD JDX SD ET GD CCD

Shitani the bed hog and remote hog. Shitani is an Australian Red BC, not to be confused with the American Red which is called Chocolate in Australia. He is genetically an ee yellow, whereas the chocolate is a bb brown. Simple, huh!

Shitani grew into a large powerful adult that weighed in at 25kg, yet he remained lightning fast and very agile.

Shitani has been tested and found to be clear of Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (CL), as per Genetic Science Services report BRC1605. Shitani has also been tested by Allan Wilton for TNS and found to be clear of the TNS mutation as per test report BC2568. For more information, please see the Border Collie Health page.

See Shitani at work! Shitani competes in Agility and Tracking. He achieved his Agility Dog (AD) and Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) titles in 2005. Shitani then completed his Tracking Champion Title in May 2006 and his Snooker Dog (SD) title later in 2006.

In bed

As a baby in bed!

Shitani Sitting

A Young Shitani at rest.

Shitani Standing

As an Adult at the beach

In bed

Shitani at work...

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