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TriStar as a Baby.

Atchafalaya Tristar DLyt

This is Tristar as a baby. Tristar was a tricolour BC, which means she had tan markings in a trim around her face and legs. When they are this age, however, the markings are usually confined to a pale patch beneath the tail, so they can be difficult to recognize as tricolour pups. It was several hours before we noticed Tristar was a tri!

The tri-colour starting to show.

Here, a few weeks later, the tri colour is starting to show through. This colour gets richer and more extensive later on, but even here it's hard to miss!

Tri on the Scales.

All the pups are very good about sitting on the scales to get weighed, and they learn to 'stay' very early in life.

Tri - ing to beg!

Anything that looks like play is fine with the little guys, even if it's trying to learn how to beg...

I'm gonna get you!

But a good rough and tumble is still more fun!

Watching stuff.

Or watching the chickens or the other dogs play.

Stalking stuff.

Or finding some bug to stalk. That tail is already up, which shows of the go-getter attitude of this little girl!

Tri now.

Tri as an adult...

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