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Sputnik and Mallie's Litter - 2007

Puppies Born 13th May 2007

These were puppies born 13th May 2007 from a mating between Atchafalaya Sputnik and Borderwerx El Malvado. The pups in this litter were all black and white, but will carry the chocolate colour. Pups in the litter were all quite large and healthy, ranging in weight from 340grams to 400grams. There were originally 9 pups in the litter, but one passed away on day 2.

We kept pup 1, Rebel, and the others went to homes up and down the coast of queensland.

Litter Pix

Some photos of the pups as they grew. Day 1, day 18 and day 36...

Sputalina, Be A Rebel, Pebbles, etc. One we kept.

Comet. Was a cool little boy.

Gecko. Very adventurous little girl.

Flash. Woohoo, here to save the universe. Big boy.

Xara. One of the smaller girls.

Lacey, later Charlie. Was a big girl in the litter.

Seven of Nine, later Jaz. Agility dog in the making.

Half past Nine, Mr Wolf. The big Male.