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Atchafalaya Dukhat TD

Dukhat is a Blue and White Border Collie. Although his grandmother, Abby, is blue it was a surprise to get blue pups in this litter. His father was red and white and his mother is black and white.

Dukhat has not been tested for Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (CL), however he appears to be clear by parentage as his parents have been tested and found clear. For more information, please see the Border Collie Health page.

Dukhat is a hyperactive guy and finds it hard to stay still, and he loves to sniff everything, but that makes him a great natural tracking dog. Dukhat got his Tracking Dog (TD) Title in his first double tracking weekend trial in April 2006.

More Photos on Dukhat's Work Page.

Dukhat as pup

Dukhat on his first day 'out'...

Duke at rest...

The Duke at rest...


Dukhat at 11 months... Still trying to grow a brain...

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